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You are the reason we innovate, create and love what we do

When we set out to create a new bra, we don't start by choosing a fantastic print or beautiful lace detail. (That comes later.) We ask ourselves: How can we make you feel more comfortable, confident and supported than ever before? And that’s our groundbreaking secret. All our innovations begin and end with you.
Next to Nude

Our Next to Nude® Bra

We made you a bra as comfortable as… well, nothing

  • The Next to Nude bra was designed to be so light and soft it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. Plus it still provides great shape and support. Wearing this bra will give you comfort and confidence!
    — Cassie L.

Our Beauty Back® Bra

We made back bulge history, together

  • The Beauty Back Back Smoother collection was designed to smooth back bulge by using double knit fabric and adding extra width to the back wings. This buttery soft, powerful fabric provides smoothing support throughout the day.
    — Suzanne K.
Beauty Back
Breathable Comfort

Our Breathable Comfort Bra

We built a bra that breathes and lets us do the same

  • This full figure bra is designed with a new, innovative, lightweight pad that delivers support and breathability without adding bulk.
    — Cassie L.